Apparently there is a television show being filmed at the Mall of America!  I didn’t know it either and I haven’t seen a lot of cameras in there int he last week, but who knows?  Here’s the notice that I found on one of the doors at every entrance:

Mall of America Release Photo

Here’s the text of the notice:

[Mall of America Logo] Filming In Progress

Group Release Form

During the course of today/this evening television cameras will be filming for a television series provisionally entitled “MALL OF AMERICA”.

Your presence during the filming constitutes your irrevocable consent to your image being used in the context of the series in all media worldwide in perpetuity.  If you object to your image being used in this manner please make yourself known to the production team.  Contact Dan Jasper at 952-240-9306 with any questions.

LOCATION: Mall of America – Common Areas
DATES: 7/27/09 – 8/18/09

I acknowledge that this sign was hung outside of the location during the filming.

Producer’s Signature:

[Shannon O'Rourke's Signature]

September Films, USA Inc. – 650 N. Bronson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA – Fax: 323-960-8086

No word on what the show is about or what format it is.  No mention of it seems to be on the September Films site after a cursory look.

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  1. Yea my girlfriend, my two friends and I got stopped by a mall security guard being filmed. He ID us and my girlfriend didn’t have hers so they escorted us out of the mall with the cameras rolling. The security guard was being a complete d**k by the way. The guy working for the filming agency came and talked to us afterwards. So we signed the consent and hope to be on television, But, the fact we had to get escorted out was bull.

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